What is Fast-Change?

Fast-Change is a modern and elaborate instant cryptocurrency exchange service. We work with 170 different cryptocurrencies and you don't even need to register to exchange them - sounds great, doesn't it?

How FastChange works?

We integrated our website with various cryptocurrency exchangers such as Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, OKEx and Kucoin for example, so you will always have the most favorable exchange rates and you won't lose a cent during your transactions.

How long does the average exchange process take?

Processing speed ranges from two to twenty minutes - depending on how long it takes for the block to appear online. Most orders are processed in just a few minutes. If you're playing big and you want to exchange, for example, a whole one BTC (or the equivalent in any other cryptocurrency), it may take longer than usual to process your request. Thanks to revolutionary technology, FastChange boasts near-record crypto exchange speeds when compared to competitors.

What does a cryptocurrency wallet address look like and where can I find it?

A cryptocurrency wallet address is a unique combination of numbers and letters between 26 and 35 characters long (usually 33). To give you an idea of what it looks like: 31ne1zr1zZfh7ju6D9QQozqKfFmYDWqGVn So, you've decided which crypto you'd like to get your hands on and found our site. Now you need to create a cryptocurrency wallet. This can be done quite easily and your security will not be threatened because almost every cryptocurrency has a possibility to create a wallet according to all standards. After creating it, you will automatically get an address and an access code. Write down this code somewhere or, better yet, memorize it. Do not give these numbers to anyone, ever, under any circumstances, because then you could be robbed. And of course, our service will never ask you for any personal information - this is against our policy.

Can I mark a transaction and how do I do that?

Unfortunately, all transactions you will make with cryptocurrency on FastChange are irreversible. Carefully check all the data you enter, because once you agree to the transaction, the funds will be deducted from your account. This is all done for security and transparency policy reasons.

Why did I receive less cryptocurrency than I was promised?

The fact is that processing any tokens exchange procedure takes a certain amount of time. Cryptocurrencies are a very volatile thing, so it often has a big impact on how much money you end up getting. But you can get more or less coins in your account. Our team works hard every day to give our customers the best possible exchange so that you won't lose a cent.

Are there any commissions?

The process of exchanging cryptocurrencies cannot do without commissions at all. At each step, you may be charged a certain amount for the realization of this or that thing. To be more specific, cryptocurrency transaction fees are usually charged for:
• Making a deposit from your wallet;
• Transferring to a service provider;
• Trading fees;
• Sending funds to a customer's wallet.
Commissions vary depending on the currency and exchange amount. FastChange is ready to guarantee that you will lose the minimum amount of money possible during the money transactions. Our website administration carefully calculates all the commissions and then, if possible, reduces them - just for the user to get the best possible deal.

How long does the exchange process take?

At FastChange, as the name implies, everything happens quickly. Usually monetary transactions are completed within a few minutes, but if you are waiting for, say, half an hour or more, there may be various reasons for this:
• DDoS attacks - they sometimes happen, but we are ready to stand up for our customers. Usually such attacks do not last long, so you will soon be able to start using the service again.
• Updating the site - we are constantly working to make our service better, so sometimes it may happen that some cryptocurrencies will be unavailable. Don't worry, it's just a temporary measure.
• Blockchain overloading is a normal situation. If there are a lot of transactions on a particular blockchain at the same time, and yours is still not going through, it means that it is simply in the general queue.

Does FastChange have a minimum exchange amount?

We don't have such a policy, but there are some things that are out of our control. For example, the minimum amount to exchange a particular token. Depending on the cryptocurrency, it may vary, and sometimes it varies quite a lot. For example, from $1.5 to $20. We are working on lowering the minimum amount to exchange. In case you want to exchange less than $1.5 in cryptocurrency equivalent, unfortunately we will not be able to authorize this transaction.


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